LHA Genetics

We’re very proud of what Linz Heritage Angus has become. Over the years since beginning this journey we’ve created relationships with some of the best partners and most knowledgable breed experts out there. We’ve come a long way and have learned a lot, it can be seen in the powerful and healthy Linz Heritage Angus herd, a herd derived of the absolute best genetics that will only grow stronger in the years ahead.


The verified genetics found in our lineup will consistently and uniformly produce high performance cattle with the most sought after traits. These traits will benefit your herd and the economic success of your program and the Angus breed as whole.


We are true believers that the Angus breed is the best breed. We know better than anyone the importance of consistency and quality when it comes to the end product. Genetics of this caliber allow us to continue to provide some of the finest restaurants across the world with consistently well marbled beef – this quality speaks for itself.


Contact us today and find out how to bring these game changing genetics to your Angus program.