Calf Buyback

Linz Heritage Angus continues to grow as both an elite black Angus breeding program and a genetically verified beef source to some of the most renowned steak houses in the world. The success of these programs have us continuously looking for more like-minded cow-calf producers to participate in our Calf Buyback program.

The driving force of our programs is the demand for consistently high-end product that is sold through the food service side of our family business in Chicago – Meats by Linz. The Linz name is well known throughout the food service industry, not just in America, but around the world with customers from St. Lucia to Tokyo. Meats by Linz is one of the most sought after meat purveyors in the industry, with over 4,500 head of cattle being needed weekly to support our customers.

The conception to plate experience that Meats by Linz and Linz Heritage Angus can provide to customers is unprecedented. Top players in the fine dining arena want a program and story that give them an edge and the LHA Genetically Verified program provides that. The demand for this traceable, high-quality product is climbing on a daily basis and will continue to do so.

Between the success of LHA genetics and the demand from our food service customers, it’s very important for us to have quality partners. We want our partners to succeed and we know we have the genetics to make that happen.

Buyback Value

With the LHA Calf Buyback program, we will purchase Linz sired calves based off of the USDA weighted average or be a 3rd bidder at the sale barn.

All calves purchased off of the USDA weighted average will received a minimum of $1 over that average. Additional premiums will be based on inspection of calves.

AI Servicing – Producers wanting to AI will receive a discount on semen from LHA sires.
Retained ownership is preferred

Program Requirements

Eligible cattle must be sired by registered Linz Heritage Angus bulls or sons of registered Linz Heritage Angus bulls. AI calves from semen purchased from Linz Heritage Angus bulls are also eligible.
Program cattle need to be identified with LHA tags and have a known, documented date of birth.

Producers must complete a training and genetic verification form in order to receive allocation of tags.

Calf requirements

  • Weaned or Unweaned
  • Must have received LHA program vaccinations
  • Bulls must be castrated and females must be open
  • Calves free of implants are preferred
  • Vaccination sheets must be completed
  • Feed lot and harvesting data will be made available to producers.


Contact Jerry Dean at 308-380-0344.