Calf Buyback

The Linz family continously strive to provide customers with the finest genetics that will increase the performance of their herd. We are proud of these superior genetics and confident of the impact it can bring to your lineup.

Because of the consistently high performance of Linz sired calves, we have implemented the LHA Calf Buyback program. Linz Heritage Angus will bid on those Linz sired calves who meet the program requirements listed below. Please reach out to us via the Contact page for more information on the LHA Calf Buyback program.

Program Requirements

Eligible cattle must be sired by registered Linz Heritage Angus bulls or sons of registered Linz Heritage Angus bulls. AI calves from semen purchased from Linz Heritage Angus bulls are also eligible.
Program cattle need to be identified with LHA tags and have a known, documented date of birth.

Producers must complete a training and genetic verification form in order to receive allocation of tags.

Calf requirements

  • Weight between 500-800 lbs at weaning
  • Weaned at least 30 days
  • Must have received LHA program vaccinations
  • Bulls must be castrated and females must be open
  • Calves free of implants are preferred
  • Vaccination sheets must be completed
  • Feed lot and harvesting data will be made available to producers.


*AI Servicing – Producers wanting to AI will receive a discount on semen from LHA sires.

Contact Jerry Dean at 308-380-0344.